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Girls Varsity Swimming · Girls Swimming Takes On The Mason Invitational With Great Success

One of the most fun meets of our swim season is the Mason invitational at Mason high school which was held on September 9th this year. We had a spectacular day with many medals for all our team members! Here are the highlights from that meet:

– 6th place in diving, Ashley Vincent

– 1st place (Hannah Vincent, Meghan Penninga, Ava Maring, Olivia Thomasma) and 2nd place (Amanda Keen, Gabbie Eisma, Elaine Vasquez, Faith Frederickson) in the 200 medley relay

– 1st place(Ava Maring & Hannah Vincent), and 4th (Makenzi Van Dellen & Faith Frederickson) in the 2×250 relay

– 1st place, Meghan Penninga, 4th place Makenzi Van Dellen, and 6th place Gabbie Eisma in the 100 yd Individual Medley

– 1st place (Olivia Thomasma) and 3rd place (Olivia Helms) in the 50 Free

– 1st place (Meghan Penninga, Abigail Haisma, Gabbie Eisma, Hannah Vincent) in the 200yd breaststroke relay

-1st place (Amanda Keen) and 4th place (Faith Frederickson) in the 50yd backstroke

-1st place (Ava Maring, Olivia Thomasma, Elaine Vasquez, Olivia Helms) and 3rd place (Gina Lubbers, Abigail Haisma, Emma Lanning, Courtney Busscher) in the 200 yd butterfly relay.

– 2nd place (Makenzi Van Dellen, Emma Lanning, Gemma Martinez, Courtney Busscher) in the 200 yd  freestyle “new swimmers relay

– 1st place (Olivia Thomasma), and 2nd place (Ava Maring), in the 50 yd butterfly

– 1st place (Hannah Vincent,  Olivia Helms, Brooklyn Dornbos, Amanda Keen) and 4th place (Courtney Busscher,  Emma Hunderman. Emma Lanning, Gemma Martinez) in the 200 yd backstroke relay

– 1st place (Meghan Penninga) 3rd place (Gabbie Eisma) and 4th place (Abigail Haisma) in the 50 yd breaststroke

– 5th place in the 8×50 yd relay (Mykaela Rietberg, Gina Lubbers,  Faith Frederickson, Emma Hunderman, Brooklyn Dornbos, Abigail Haisma,  Ashley Vincent,  Gemma Martinez)

As you can see it was a fantastic day for every swimmer on the team!

These young ladies are all precious and it is so fun to watch each and every one of them use the talents God has given them.



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